Monday , 19 February 2018
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Waiting for the verdict [The News on Sunday]

The role of the government and the military in sports politics has also been damaging. But the irony of the situation is that the officials grab top seats through the aid of the government or the military, but when they are dismissed they start talking about international rules and regulations. Read More »

The chaotic scene of our sports [TNS]

"Pakistan is still dogged by parallel federations and associations. The authorities should take immediate steps to eradicate parallelism in the country as it has stopped the progress in many sports" Read More »

It could’ve been the start of a new era [TNS]

International footballers playing in Pakistan under unprecedented security and having got hefty remunerations doesn’t mean the sport is here to stay. Or, does it? Read More »

A comprehensive football plan [TNS]

Leisure Leagues Pakistan has started its operations at a time when there are no football activities in the country because of a legal conflict between two groups. Read More »

A major breakthrough? [TNS]

Brazilian legend Ronaldinho’s much-anticipated visit to Pakistan later this year is a welcome development for this sports-mad nation Read More »

Stalemate continues to hurt footballers [TNS]

PFF issue needs a viable solution so that the country’s football could be resumed. It would be a herculean task for Pakistan to repair the damage which the game has received in the past two years Read More »

Let’s clear the mess [TNS]

Pak football is in dire trouble and all the stakeholders will have to fight for its future, writes Alam Zeb Safi Read More »

Don’t ruin footballers’ lives [TNS]

The beautiful game is in tatters in the country because of a power struggle with PFF and it is high time that the conflict is resolved to save Pakistan football. Read More »

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