Wednesday , 13 December 2017
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It could’ve been the start of a new era [TNS]

International footballers playing in Pakistan under unprecedented security and having got hefty remunerations doesn’t mean the sport is here to stay. Or, does it? Read More »

A comprehensive football plan [TNS]

Leisure Leagues Pakistan has started its operations at a time when there are no football activities in the country because of a legal conflict between two groups. Read More »

A major breakthrough? [TNS]

Brazilian legend Ronaldinho’s much-anticipated visit to Pakistan later this year is a welcome development for this sports-mad nation Read More »

Stalemate continues to hurt footballers [TNS]

PFF issue needs a viable solution so that the country’s football could be resumed. It would be a herculean task for Pakistan to repair the damage which the game has received in the past two years Read More »

Let’s clear the mess [TNS]

Pak football is in dire trouble and all the stakeholders will have to fight for its future, writes Alam Zeb Safi Read More »

Don’t ruin footballers’ lives [TNS]

The beautiful game is in tatters in the country because of a power struggle with PFF and it is high time that the conflict is resolved to save Pakistan football. Read More »

Footballers suffer as PFF infighting continues [TNS]

"FIFA seems to have made a mistake in giving two years to Faisal group. As was expected, the other group would not accept it. Had FIFA assigned the task to an ad-hoc set-up, it could have been effective" Read More »

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