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KRL start training for AFC President’s Cup

KARACHI: National champions Khan Research Laboratories (KRL) started their preparatory campaign in Rawalpindi on Tuesday for the AFC President’s Cup Group A matches to be held at the Punjab Stadium in Lahore from May 8 to 12. As many as 14 players attended the first training session at the KRL Stadium in Rawalpindi under the head coach Tariq Lutfi. “We ... Read More »

“Commitment” – The Pakistani excuse

by FPDC staffer M. Shahnawaz ‘Commitment‘ became the best used excuse by Tariq Lutfi and his staff, any player they felt needed discarding or whatever reason was said to be not committed enough and was hence shown the door. This was the favourite term Lutfi and his staff used against some of the overseas players, and later the domestic players ... Read More »

Rizwan Asif’s exclusion from WC Qualifying squad shocks all

The football fans of Pakistan were left in awe this weekend as it was announced that one of the most consistent and talented players in Pakistan, Rizwan Asif, was dropped from the squad to play Bangladesh in the WC qualifiers looming close.   The other big exclusion was of u-21 captain Jadeed Khan Pathan. And while Jadeed Khan’s lacklustre and lazy performances in the ... Read More »

NFCC 2011 Results: Day 2

Results of Day2 of NBP Challenge Cup 2011, 15 April 2011: KRL 4-0 ZTBL (Asim Mansoor 20, Rizwan Asif 84,89 , Mahmood Khan 87) Bohran wali Ground, Faisalabad KPT 1-0 Police  (Zafar Majeed 17) PMC Ground, Faisalabad PTV 0-1 PIA ( Shakir lashari 26) University of Agriculture Ground, Faisalabad Read More »

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