Thursday , 24 August 2017
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Will the new FIFA President end the crisis in Pakistan football? [Nation]

by Ali Ahsan FIFA finally has a new President! On 26 February 2016, the world football fraternity met for an Extraordinary Congress in Zurich to vote for a Swiss-born Italian Gianni Infantino as its new supremo. A few hours earlier, members also approved extensive FIFA reforms to ensure transparency and good governance. All this came in wake of ongoing investigations and indictments ... Read More »

Pakistan Football Federation, courts, and sports autonomy [Nation blogs]

by Ali Ahsan Pakistani football’s ongoing crisis is now entering its second year. 2015 saw controversial elections causing the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) to split into factions, as serious allegations of corruption also emerged at the end of the year. Football writers like Umaid Wasim, Natasha Raheel, and Azhar Masood Khan decried how badly things went in Pak football with zero national ... Read More »

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