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Bafana are Champions – 9th GSA D Goal Tournament

24th and 26th July saw GSA D goal play host to the semis and finals. Here are the results. Thursday July 24 Results1- Blue Navy 1 – 1 Bafana Bafana win 4-3 on penalties SF The most fiercely competed match of the tournament had more talking points then goals, but in the end both teams showed that they can play Football. ... Read More »

8th GSA D Goal Ramadan Results and Updates

Tuesday August 6 – DID FC enter the history books Final – DID FC 3 (Abdul Rehman 2, Usman) (Devils in Disguise FC win 4-3 on penalties sudden death) Free Stylers 3 (Mehtab 2, Ghassan)   The final started with Great Spirit and the Free Stylers were slight favorites due to their fire power, but energy ruled the game and Abdul Rehman struck early, before we ... Read More »

8TH GSA Ramadan D-Goal (01 August 2013)

8th GSA D Goal Ramadan Results and Updates (1 August Updates – links are live) Thursday August 1 – Results (QF) 1- Galacticos 1 (Kashif Ali) (3-2 on penalties for Galacticos) Red Devils 1 (Yasir) Galacticos are in the semi finals once again but they had to limp against the super fit Red Devils. The tempo played by the Devils ... Read More »

8th GSA D Goal Ramadan Results and Updates (25-7-13 update – links are live)

Thursday 25 July – Results 1- Red Devils 1 (Saad Farooq) Patriots 0 Red Devils the young GSA Campus 3 side gained qualification into the tournament by winning the GSA Ramadan league. The first timers struggled against the tough patriots side and in the end quality from Saad Farooq was needed to win. Read More »

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