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Can football make an impact in cricket-mad South Asia? [DAWN]

BY JOHN DUERDEN for DAWN.Com The third round of qualification for the 2014 World Cup started recently. As we all know, Pakistan were absent but it was not only Pakistan. India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Maldives were also busy doing other things. To say that it is disappointing for Pakistan is to make an obvious point. It is also disappointing ... Read More »

PFF expects apology from TSS over failed UK tour

Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) expects an apology as well as some kind of settlement from TouchSky Sports (TSS), the organisers of the Clash of the Titans football series between Pakistan and India that was to be held in England this month Read More »

Overseas players need conducive environment to excel [DAWN]

If what Essa says is true, then there can be no question that those who give less than 100% should not be selected but when you look at the build-up to the Bangladesh match, a World Cup qualifier no less, then any player arriving a few days ahead of the match would shake their head at the chaotic preparations – and to be honest, the domestic-based players should have done the same. Read More »

PFF clueless about getting mileage from India series (DAWN)

By Mohammad Yaqoob LAHORE: The Pakistan Football Federation (PFF), having finally got a great opportunity of sending the national team to England for a competitive three-match series against India, are still clueless about generating any revenue from the big tour as its officials are converging all their energies in engaging a private sponsor to provide them with free travelling and ... Read More »

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