Thursday , 19 October 2017
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Leisure Leagues Karachi Round 12 results

LEISURE LEAGUES – 12TH ROUND AS ON 17.6.2017 M # CONTESTING TEAMS SCORERS MOTM VENUE PREMIER DIVISION 1 FC APS 0 Speedsters 0 – Osama (APS) KMC STADIUM 2 Sindh Baloch 0 Mawach Star 5 Points Match KMC STADIUM 3 Moshin Gilani 0 Street Child 4 Raziq3, Aurangzaib Raziq KMC STADIUM 4 Mushtaq Academy KMC STADIUM BEST GOLIE (PL) Shabbir ... Read More »

Why Zesh Rehman’s legacy can’t be understated – A feature article.

Why Zesh Rehman’s legacy can’t be understated. – A feature article. A 10-year-old Zesh Rehman was once told by a scout that “Your lot won’t make it” – a clear reference to his Asian background and a sentence with racist undertones. But he did make it and, at the age of 33, the Birmingham-born defender found himself at Gillingham towards ... Read More »

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