Thursday , 18 January 2018
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Clean up the act or give up the act!! – the state of football in Pakistan

There is often need for radical solutions when faced by radical challenges. Pakistan is full of them and its sports sector is very much in the mix. The country where sport provided hope for the youth and elders prayed for their heroes to succeed. Times are changing, the youth are now the middle aged and have seen the demise of ... Read More »

UMT Football Academy commences next week

Lahore, 5 May: The launching of UMT Football Academy (UMTFA) is due to take place on 10 May 2010. It is a branch of Model Town Football Academy (MTFA), aims to provide children with the training and coaching that will not only build their self-confidence and improve level of play, but also ensure that he enjoy playing the world’s greatest ... Read More »

Faisal chairs AFC Disciplinary Committee meet on Friday

Lahore, 28 April : Pakistan Football Federation (PFF)’s President Makhdoom Syed Faisal Saleh Hayat, MNA will chair Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Disciplinary Committee on Friday, 30 April at Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur. The meeting will start at 10 AM. The AFC Disciplinary Committee will discuss a host of cases involving incidents in various competitions viz AFC U16 Championship 2010 ... Read More »

FIFA Officer approves contractor for Karachi Goal Project

Lahore, 16 April: “Innumerable obstacles will try to hurt you if you go for doing any promotion work for Sports, but if you are clear in your mission and objective, then you can easily vanish any kind of hurdles. It was never in my dreams to see turning PFF Secretariat from a brief case to high-profile Football House. When I ... Read More »

Vision Asia will take Pakistan to new height: AFC praise game’s advancement under PFF Chief

Lahore, 10 April : “The standard of football in Pakistan is enhancing day by day and both, Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) and Asian Football Confederation (AFC), appreciating the game’s advancement in the country. Pakistan have got the large pool of footballers in various level and the number is growing with each passing day. AFC in recognition of PFF’s ... Read More »

Argentina assures Technical Support to PFF: Faisal

Lahore, 9 April : ” Argentine’s Ambassador to Pakistan Rodoflo J. Martin-Saravia has said that Argentina have the honor of winning World Cup twice and any help from this gigantic soccer country would go a long way in boosting the game in Pakistan. He assured that Argentina is ready to help Pakistan Football Federation which will promote soccer in Pakistan. ... Read More »

1GOAL Campaign: Education For All – Message from UNESCO

Dear Colleagues, UNESCO is the lead agency of United Nations mandated for promotion of Education For All in the world. In the year 2000, 164 world governments came together to create the Education for All goals, 189 governments also created the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. Two of the eight goals involve ending poverty through education: * to ensure that ... Read More »

Vision Asia pave the way for growth of football in Pakistan : Khadim Shah

Lahore, 7 April : “Vision Asia is the Asian Football Confederation (AFC)’s grand plan for a continent-wide program to raise the standards of football at all levels. PFF is to focus on improving its administration, strengthening clubs, Premier League and boosting development as part of the Vision Pakistan project to raise the standard of football in the country. It is ... Read More »

Joost assures Dutch soccer support to PFF: Faisal

Lahore, 3 April : ” Dutch Ambassador to Pakistan, Joost Reintjes assured that Netherlands is ready to help Pakistan Football Federation which will promote soccer in Pakistan. The game plan and techniques of both teams are different and Pakistani footballers will learn a lot from Dutch way of playing as currently they are among top three in FIFA World Ranking.” ... Read More »

Coaches will provide compact back-up to Club Culture: PFA Chief

Lahore, 31 March: “To be successful as a coach you should always be open to new ideas, so improve your knowledge and level of capability as coach have a big worth in game of football. Gain self-belief in your particular discipline. Gain an official recognized football qualification after completion of PFF D-Certificate,” this is stated by Punjab Football Association (PFA)’s ... Read More »

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