Saturday , 20 January 2018
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FootballPakistan TV

Watch K-Electric vs. Khormomkhom LIVE from Thimpu, Bhutan! 

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  1. pathetic football by pakistan , such a disappointment !

  2. yar ye pakistani football team football ka “F” tk nii janti he
    dukh hota he sports ma bhe safarish chalti he yahan
    talent waste ho raha he

  3. ghatia football he pakistani national team ke

  4. bhot acha khalen pakistani players but harr jeet to game ka hissa ha mujy aik chnse dea jaye jonier team me sir plz plz plz plkz plz plzzzzzzz


    Best off luck green team ;)

  6. Lol pashto comentriy

  7. We are Thank full to Football Pakistani and Khyber TV for live coverage and stream

  8. Zeba e Balochistan

    Congratulations from Zeba e Balochistan Football Club Dalbandin Chagai, keep it Pakistan team

  9. Enemy of Pakistan

    fuck you talkative dirty Pakistani Tv, Just cover the football not talking and your politics . fuck you

  10. where is the football? this is some bullshit, unrelated interview

  11. dont disturb the game we dont want ur idea go away

  12. ستاسو موره ستلایت

  13. ghr ka Haal ehwal bhi pooch lo … ham log match highlights me dekh lenge -_- #Interviewers

  14. in ko fc barcelona ka tv right b da do,itni kamal coverage

  15. great crowd.

  16. افغانستان زنده باد

  17. its not a one man show -_- pass that piece of shit(ball) instead of clearing it on the mid field

  18. Why such bullshit broadcasting? When they were not able to cover perfectly they could ask afghanistan media, so they showed their capacity in last mutch pak Vs pak

  19. Hope to see many matches between both countries, long live for our friendship from kabul

  20. Inshah allah afghanistan has win the match

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