Friday , 3 July 2015
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Three matches decided in 2ndRamzanul Mubarak 7-a-Side


Rafa-e-Aam Gymkhana Malir defeated Young 36-B Centre Landhi, Lyari Brothers beat Malir City 4-3 on penalty shoot out and Badbado FC thrashed Spartings FC 2-0 in 2ndRamzanul Mubarak 7-a-Side Flood lit Football Festival 2015 at Sixteen Star Football Ground , FB Area, Karachi. All the Winners moved itno second round. Mr. Farhan Khan, Ex-Internatiional introduced to the players during the ... Read More »

Shakir Lashari shines in Wahid Memorial

Saqib Memorial vs FC  Blaze........

Wahid Memorial Lyari and Al-Ubaidi FC Landhi defeated Lasbella Students 3-0 and Young Muslim Orangi 4-0 respectively and qualified for next round of 2nd Ramzan ul Mubarak 7 a side Flood Lit Football Festival 2015 at 16 Star Football Ground, FB Area, Karachi. Wahid Memorial Lyari (3) : Shakir Lashari (2) 7,11, M. Atif 36 Lasbella Students (0) : Al-Ubaidi ... Read More »

Madina Shabaz and Airport Shaheen win


Madina Shabaz and Airport Shaheen defeated Young Fighteron penalty shoot out  4-3 and Pathan FC 1-0 respectively and moved into next round of 2nd Ramzanul Mubarak -a-side Flood lit Football Festival at Sixteen Star Football Ground, FB Area Karachi. Madina Shabaz and Young Fighter encounter 1-1 at full time Mudassar took the lead to Young Fighter but Akhtar equalised in ... Read More »

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