Monday , 19 February 2018
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“Foreign-based players are not that good.” – Pakistan Assistant coach Hassan Baloch

“Foreign-based players are not that good.” – Pakistan Assistant coach Hassan Baloch

Shahrukh Sohail, Chief Editor, Islamabad

Pakistan’s Assistant coach Hassan Baloch claims that foreign-based players are not being considered for the National Team because they don’t come to training camps on time and because their abilities are not that great.

“Foreign-based players come late. They come directly to the match venue and sometimes on the match day. This creates problems. Their standard is not that great, we lost matches last year with them playing for us. They are not that good, we have similar quality players in our local league to them as well. Moreoever, they don’t gel in well with the team and that affects the chemistry,” he claimed in an exclusive interview with

Quizzed on the late arrival of FC Dordoi Bishkek’s Mohammad Adil and the fact that he skipped the camp, Baloch refused to give a straight answer and instead claimed that Adil was familiar with the team.

“Adil played in the Pakistan Premier League and he been playing with us for a long time. He is used to play for KRL and is familiar with the team,” he added.




About Shahrukh Sohail

SRJ or more commonly referred to as Shahrukh outside FootballPakistan, is the current Chief Editor of FPDC and die-hard supporter of the Pakistan National Football Team. Away from Pakistani football, Shahrukh is an entrepreneur, a student and enjoys dominating the right-flank on the pitch.


  1. OK, forget about foreign players, but at least select the best possible team from the local players, rather than discriminating based on age.

    • Well we can not forget them..What if players like adil nabi,samir nabi,etzaz hussain,kamran ali iqbal,ghayas zahid and sami malik opt to play for Pakistan?Even then the federation and coaches will say that they are not good enough.How will they justify it that players from KRL etc are better then WBA players

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