Friday , 23 February 2018
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FPDC Exclusive: Pakistan set to host Afghanistan, Philippines and Palestine in quadrangular tournament
Pakistan want to host Afghanistan, Philippines and Palestine for a friendly tournament.

FPDC Exclusive: Pakistan set to host Afghanistan, Philippines and Palestine in quadrangular tournament

Shahrukh Sohail, Chief Editor, Islamabad

According to reports, the Pakistan Football Federation have roped in three other nations and are set to host an International tournament in Lahore during April.

While few sports teams are willing to tour Pakistan, the PFF  are looking to continue the trend of International football in the country and according to sources, the visit of Afghanistan, Palestine and Philippines will go a long way in restoring the nation’s reputation.

The tournament is set to be held in Lahore at the Punjab Stadium and according to some reports, current coach Mohammad Al-Shamlan might play the U-22 Team against the visiting senior sides in order to gain match practice ahead of the AFC U-22 Championship qualifiers in June.

Also, the tournament’s dates in April are yet to be confirmed but as the U-22 Team will be taking part, Pakistan will not be able to call established foreign stars such as Zesh Rehman (Pahang FA), Hassan Bashir (Fremad Amagar), Mohammad Ali (BK Avarta), Adnan Ahmed (Nelson FC) and Yousuf Butt (BGA).

Nonetheless, the quadrangular tournament provides so much needed home games for the Pak Shaheens and the Pakistani fans will finally be able to see their own team in action after a long hiatus.

About Shahrukh Sohail

SRJ or more commonly referred to as Shahrukh outside FootballPakistan, is the current Chief Editor of FPDC and die-hard supporter of the Pakistan National Football Team. Away from Pakistani football, Shahrukh is an entrepreneur, a student and enjoys dominating the right-flank on the pitch.


  1. only playing U22 side means ranking down and people like Tariq Lufti barking again

    • Shamlan wants U-22s to get exposure. A reasonable ask.

      Anyways, the seniors don’t have any competition till next year. They can start their friendlies after June.

    • Since the tournament would probably be in April, the ranking would not be affected.

  2. Senior indigenous and foreign-based players should also be included to increase interest and coverage; or otherwise if U-22 lost all the games, Pakistani would lose their faith and interest in national team.

    • There is no point in playing the U-22s if you include seniors. What’s the point of match practice then?

      Either play the National Team or the U-22s.

      But you can also have U-22 foreign-based footballers. Sami Malik (Energie Cottbus) could be added to the squad along with other youngsters from England.

  3. Apart of this will Pakistan play a friendly match against Afghanistan in march?

  4. Pakistan U22 and Premiere league clubs should be playing practice matches with these teams. Almost 4 to 6 matches can be arranged in this ways and more Pakistani teams will be getting experience. But this might not be possible due to short stay of theses teams. Playing U22 against senior teams will be harsh but I think Shalman said he will use more young players, not totally U22 team.

  5. In my opinion national team should play the tournment and u-22 team shoild be sent abroad maybe to bahrien for training.

  6. Philippines is a hard team,if Pakistan U22 will play then it should be a miss match,power house in Asia against U22 not a level,Pakistan coach must provide quality players for this tournament.

    • Philippines are a tough team, but not a powerhouse. And since the tournament won’t be on FIFA dates, Azkals won get their foreign-based players. So it should be an interesting game.

  7. It should be a tough game as well,this line up should be the main game (Philippines).

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