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Former Lesotho head coach from Serbia pens 2 year deal with PFF

Zaviša Milosavljević appointed new NT coach

Lahore, Saturday, November 05, 2011

“In order to develop football on modern line Pakistan Football Federation needs a professional/sports centric approach”. This was stated by Col. ® Ahmed Yar Khan Lodhi, General Secretary, Pakistan Football Federation while introducing Mr. Zaviša Milosavljević from Serbia to media during the press briefing here in Football House, Lahore.

Zaviša Milosavljević

According to the press release here by PFF, the contract with Mr. Milosavljevic has been inked for the period of two years which is extendable by another two years by mutual consent depending on his performance at PFF. New appointed foreign coach belongs to Serbia. Mr. Zaviša Milosavljević throughout his career as football coach had the training of Serbian national U-16, U-19 and U-23 aspirants of football game. He was also the Head Coach of Lesotho Senior National Team (southern Africa). Mr. Milosavljevic is a UEFA A category coach with a master degree in physical education and Professor of Physical Education.

Mr. Lodhi in his statement said that one of the advantages of hiring a foreign coach is that our local players tend to get trained modern and advance training methods. The new training methods that are brought in by foreign coach may make a very big difference in the improvement game of football. Local players can gain new knowledge and ability that are passed on by different coaching methods.

While Mr. Lodhi expressing his own views and that of Syed Faisal Saleh Hayat Saleh Hayat, President PFF said that the main objective of hiring this professional coach is to enhance and expedite the youth development through PFF which they hope will bring excellent results in times to come, giving boost to the ability of the young football players of Pakistan.

Mr. Milosavljevic while speaking to the media at PFF House has said that his game plan shall be target, analysis, vision, action and control.   His ambition is to introduce our players to the international standard, tactic and techniques of the game, so that his trainees are able to meet the international standard in football game.

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  1. Wow, Pakistan Football Federation has finally succeeded in hiring a foreign qualified and experienced coach.Mr. Zaviša Milosavljević’s resume is excellent. I hope he will change the coaching culture here and produce good results. Federation should not expect immediate results. Only a sustained effort can bring a lasting change. The Head coach should be given full control over team selection and management and he should also be provided the support staff of his choice. Let’s hope for the best.
    Mr. Zaviša Milosavljević….welcome!

  2. DO NOT be fooled by the PFF who have hired a new coach but with the same coaching staff which means they employ the same strategies and implement the same structure for the selection of the squad. Pakistan has not gained anything by appointing a Foreign coach with the same staff for the last 10 yrs.
    He was as stated in a previous article as the only foreign coach to accept such low demands and minimum control over the squad which will be dictated by the same people as before.

    • He has set out his own selection criteria, the assistants will have to follow his way or go separate ways. he has come into a camp that was underway hence he will have go with what is already there but he will surely look around after the tournament to see what else is out there.

      he has full authority to pick the squad and so forth..which in fact Lutfi had too but he chose to do things different way. nothings gonna change overnight but if he lays the foundations for things and getting players playing for each other and for the coach then there can be some positive stuff.

  3. i am 100% agrred with David williams

  4. Best of luck to pak team under new foreign coach

  5. I have no expectations from this upcoming SAFF Cup, because the coach has been hired at the last minute and has not had time to scout the PPL matches and learn about football in Pakistan. We might be able to reach the semis, but probably not.

    However, winning the next SAFF Cup and reaching at the least the semifinals in the next AFC Challenge Cup will make him a successful coach in my book and one worthy of a two year extension.

  6. Well Done PFF.. i hope we will learn a lot in his 2 years (or perhaps 4 years) spell

    • Question arises is that will PFF even let him continue for 2 years or dump him when our team gives bad show in South Asian Football championship in India.

  7. So it seems that the training camp has restarted. Any news on how the first day or two have been for the new coach? Has anyone from the FPDC community been to the stadium to watch the training?

  8. Mr. Milosavljevic was doing a job at Lesotho where he has the following record.

    Matches Played: 18
    Matches Won: 2
    Matches Lost: 9
    Matches Drawn: 6

    I don’t understand what can he do with Pakistan Football Team. His previous record seems very poor. May be we have another Lutfi in white skin

    • I dont think we can compare pakistan to lesotho, what he had thre was very limited. just 2 million people and small talent pool. yes he struggled but we were worse under lutfi… players are already seeing difference in training, he wont have favourities from particular departments and hopefully will pick side on merit.

  9. The newly hired coach needs to be given free hand in selecting players and managing the team. Also he needs alteast 2 years to bring good result. Also it unfair to expect big performance. South Asian championship will be his test how he manages the team so it unfair to place such big expectation on him as he has just joined.

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