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National U19 Championship begins on Monday at MTFC

Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) has announced today (Sunday, September 11, 2011) the draws of National U-19 Football Championship 2011 which is scheduled to be begin from tomorrow (Monday, 12, 2011) at Model Town Football Club Ground Lahore, Faisal Town Football Ground Lahore and Punjab Football Stadium Lahore.

According to the press release issued here by PFF, Sixteen teams of provincial, regional and AFC AID-27 Program zone level are taking part in this championship. As per detail four group has been constituted and each group has four team, in Group has A Baluchistan FA, FATA FA, AID-27 Faisalabad Zone, AID-27 Rawalpindi-Islamabad Zone, Group B has Sindh FA, AJK FA, AID-27 Peshawar Zone, AID-27 Lahore Zone, Group C has Khyber Pakhtunkhwa FA, Islambad FA, AID-27 Quetta Zone, Model Football Club, and Group D has Punjab FA, Gilgit Baltistan FA, AID-27 Bannu Zone and AID-27 Karachi Zone.

The inaugural match of the championship will be played between Islamabad FA and AID-27 Quetta Zone of Group C at 1500 hours PST at Model Town Football Club, second match will kick off at 1530 hours PST between AID-27 Peshawar Zone and AJK FA of Group B at Punjab Football Stadium. The third match of the day will begin at 1530 hours PST between AID-27 Lahore Zone and Sindh FA of Group B at Faisal Town Football Club. The forth and final match of the day will be played between Model Town Football Club and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa FA of Group C at 2030 hours at Model Town Football Club.

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  1. I am supporting Lahore Afc Aid 27 zone and MTFC as both are from Lahore :)

  2. Pakistan Football Federation

    National U-19 Football Championship 2011, Lahore, Pakistan

    Matches of the day

    Monday, September 12, 2011

    Dear Sports Reporters/Bureau Chief:

    Group B Matches:

    1- AID-27 Peshawar Zone vs Azad Jammu & Kashmir FA @ 1530 hours PST at Punjab Football Stadium, Lahore.

    2- AID-27 Lahore Zone vs Sindh FA @ 1530 hours PST at Faisal Town Football Club, Lahore.

    Group C Matches:

    1- Islamabad FA vs AID-27 Quetta Zone @ 1500 hours PST at Model Town Football Club, Lahore.

    2- Model Town Football Club vs Khyber Pakhtunkhwa FA @ 2030 PST at Model Town Football Club, Lahore.

    Kindly depute your camera team/photographer to cover these matches of National U-19 Championship 2011.

  3. please update us about all matches

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