Wednesday , 21 February 2018
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Pakistan vs India [LIVE]


Welcome to FPDC Text Coverage of today’s game between Pakistan and India.

Because of no broadcast of the game between Pakistan and India today in 2012 AFC Challenge Cup qualifiers Group B, at MBJP Stadium in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, we have to rely on live text and score updates. Match kicks off at 1 PM PST (GMT+5). Even Indian tv is not broadcasting the game.

Live score updates also on and

Some Indian sources for updates: and

Pak Team line-up:
Amir Gul (GK); Faisal Iqbal, Zesh Rehman, Samar Ishaq (C), Manzoor Ahmed; Muhammad Adil, Syed Arif Hussain, Adnan Ahmed, Atif Bashir; Arif Mehmood, Rizwan Asif

Indian team line-up:
01-Subrata Paul (GK), 02-Govin Singh,19-Gourmangi Singh,03-N.S.Manju, 05-Anwar, 23-Steven Dias, 04-Rakesh Masih, 29-Jagpreet Singh, 22-Syed Rahim Nabi ,11-Sunil Chhetri (Capt.), 12-Jeje Lalpekhulua

1st half has begun!

India have started brightly. Putting some neat moves in but Pak defence holding on so far. 30 minutes played and still 0-0. India going close a few times, and Adnan Ahmed narrowly missing with his free-kick.


India have been stunned with this goal. It was against the run of play. Mistake by Indian defender Anwar in clearing the ball and Pakistan pounced.

India again on the attack. The midfield has gone into higher gear as they look to equalise before the end of 1st half. Still 1-0 with 5 minutes left.

Half Time: Pakistan lead 1-0 against eternal rivals India.

India have been the more prevailing side in terms of possession and going forward, but Pakistan’s defence looks very resolute today.

The return of Manzoor Ahmed from suspension certainly helped with Muhammad Adil being shifted back to his preferable position in central midfield rather than as make-shift left back against Turkmenistan. Muhammad Omer injured his groin in previous game, so Amir Gul is back in goal, and he looks good so.

Pakistan did the important thing with scoring the goal. Pakistan should not rest just yet as India will look to strike back with ferocity in 2nd half.

2nd half will come soon. Pakistan must look to hold tight at the back, and hit India on the counter attack. We need to score more goals with this victory to give us a chance to qualify for next round.

As expected, India are on the attack. Winning two successive corners with 5 minutes played of the 2nd half.

Pakistan still holding on to their narrow 1-0 lead. They must try to contain the likes of Chhetri and Jeje if they want to break forward and increase the lead.

Little over 30 minutes left in the game as India look to introduce substitutes to improve their chances against our resolute defence.

67′: India have earned a deserving equaliser! 1-1 the scoreline. Pakistan had been under pressure for last few minutes!

Great stuff by Indian star Jeje as he finally breaches Pakistan’s defence. 1-1 it remains with less than 15 minutes remaining now. Can Pakistan hold on??

So far, India has managed to win 7 corners in the game. Wonder how many Pakistan managed to get…1-1 it remains.

Pakistan break on the fast counter, confusing the Indian defence, but goalkeeper Subrata Paul has to concede a corner kick to Pakistan.

Less than 6 minutes remain. Can Pakistan stun India again today and score the winner?? Maybe earn a penalty or something.

Stoppage time: India takes the lead! Pakistani hearts are broken! 2-1. Steven Dias scores.

Young Indian sensation Jeje Lalpekhlua scores again today! India finish the game 3-1. Good bye Challenge Cup!

Just shows how far India has progressed and how stagnant we are in our football!

India were the better side this entire game. Had more possession, more attacks, more chances, and more guts. Pakistan had their brief moments but failed to deal with the Bhangra Boys. The Green Kickers have been out-kicked and out-danced!

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  1. go green shirts dissapointment kashif mumtaz siddiqi not starting

  2. what the hell’s the score..?

  3. 1-0 , Pakistan score

  4. Yeah great. plz tell who is Pakistani Samurai.???

  5. Arif is the scorer

  6. YAY….!!!!….WOHOOOO….!!!

  7. Un believable…………………… Now Pakistan needs to play defensive for the next half !!!!!!!

    If Pakistan wins this………… i’ll collapse !!!!!!

    • Yeah Pak atlast scored. I think they should play defensive and produce counter attacks too

    • Go Pakis Go …………. No need to be defensive ………… Be aggressive and win it 3-0

      • Yes Abu, They led 1-0 against UAE five years ago. But defence killed pakistan who last 4-1 later on. Go for Lahore 3-0.

        • India fields 2 new players

        • Oh Dear …….. They must have been defensive to receive another defeat……. If they had been aggressive, Pakis might have won this …….. Why dont these guys learn that aggression is the only thing that can bring victories………. Its simple like 2+2=4 …….. if you dont attack , you dont score , and when you dont score , you dont win ……….. So where the question of being defensive arise ………. I wonder , wonder ,wonder ………

  8. was it adil or mehmood?

  9. @FootballPakistan
    ‎75′: Pakistan clears three consecutive Indian corners and now set off for a quick counter attack. Indian defense caught off guard again. Subrata had to come out to thwart the ball and clears for a corner.

  10. Jeje scores for us(India)… it is 1-1!

  11. Extra time started

  12. India have scored….WOOHOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!

  13. India 2-1 Pakistan

  14. its Pakistan 1 – 2 India :(

  15. pakistan 1- india 2 in 90+

  16. hahahah INDIA always win! i go rub hot curry all over paki face!

    • thats not the way to go about it buddy..its a sport and not a way to insult our pakistani frnds..

  17. Bad result. got nothing more to say

  18. @IndianPride… you can try and be a bigger person than this…

  19. India score again….3-1!!!!

  20. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pak loos 1————————————-3

  21. India wins..but Pakistan played really good football…All the best for the future :)

  22. So you are not going to learn are you?

  23. Best of Luck Pakistan.Match was definitely close as we scored winning goals in ending 90 mins.I’m sure little bit improvement in your League & Facilities will make you better.

    Also ignore the comments posted by “Indian Pride”,he’s an idiot.Apologizes for that.

    • I second that… Pakistan were a much improved outfit than the last time I saw them play… and also about the comments by IndianPride…must be some school kid on a sugar high! Anyway, all those missed chances reminded me of my fav BPL team(Arsenal) and I thought it was going to be another day like that, but in the end our young guns did it. However, I would like to be in touch with people who are into Pakistani football and follow it as a passion.

      • All the best to India. May they qualify for 2015 Asian Cup!

        • Although it matters that Pakistan lost. But I think if India do good & Qualify for bigger tournaments like Asian Cup & Olympics. It helps & teaches to Pakistani Nation to work hard like India.
          I Hope that Football become popular & active in the Region. If India do good and come on the big screen of Football.


  25. No Comments !!!!!!!!

  26. Thanx our Indian buddies for the aprreciating comments !!!!!!!!

    never mind about indianpride…….. therz alwayz sum1 like him….. !!! but i think PAK played well & showed signs of improvement …

  27. Lovely match I guess!! Bad that it did not get any broadcast.

    Regarding Pakistan,

    Well Played, and yes!! you guyz did scare us but I feel and you will also agree that Indian team deserved a win. But nevertheless, Pakistan seems to be quite an improved side now. We hope you guyz all the best and hope that you will continue improving.

    I would love to see India and Pakistan beating the hell out of top Asian nations.

    Regarding India,

    Well played lads, especially young Jeje. We hope to see more from you. Captain fantastic showed why he got a contract earlier with Sporting Kansas and trials from several other top European clubs. Anwar was a disappointing factor and was rightly substituted by the much much better Raju Gaekwad who is one of the best youngsters in the Country.

    I am a sports writer by passion and a student in the real sense. I own a blog which is on INDIAN FOOTBALL…Hope some of you guyz visit it….

  28. ad as i stated earlier arif has sum how scored. pak no match to superior indians .they just held them yet in the end disappointment.kashif mumtaz is no gud dear. even d likes of zesh,adnan,atif nothing dear.i m happy they fought atleast nd scored.ind congrats but u guys hav poured much more money in soccer than cash strapped pakistani football.congrats anurag.m looking fwd to yr encoumter vs turkmens

  29. We (India) will win against turkmen too and top the group. Anyways congrats pak guys, u fought well

  30. bashiir mal pakistani

    players from abroad playing for pakistan and yet loose to india.malaysian pakistani boys can trash pakistan national team. coach should have played pratice match with us and learn from us how to play. pakistani boys fake injury and waste time by rolling on the ground. good india beat them . pakistanis should support india . there are also part of india. pakistan coach and president should concentrare on pakistan league and not international games. pajistan team is failure.

  31. Guys what a match of football … the perfect South Asian derby … Lots of positives for both sides .. Pakistan showed today that they are no pushovers .. they fought well… India on the other hand are trying to develop a younger squad … I think the likes of Jeje, Jewel and Raju will go a long way…

    Jeje is a name that needs to be remembered .. I spotted him a couple of years ago in a training session for my club Pune fc … He was only 18 back then …. Last year he played in some matches for Pune FC and I was convinced this guy had it to go the distance … Now,at just 20 years in age he has proven it … 3 goals in 2 games is very good … Trust me guys this fellow has the potential to become bigger than Chhettri … He has good composure, good technique and isnt as short (174 cms) as Chhettri our Bhaichung …

    I wish Jeje all the best and the Pakistani fans for their team …

  32. i dont understand there are so many players who play football in england pakistani players in west yorkshire. They can easily make a team from here however i do feel there is still some talent in pakistan as well. A team can be made from any country only if you have the right tools right now i feel i they want to smell success then they would have to higher and overseas coach with alot of international experience a person who can amend the team and make great players. I do have the passion for football support arsenal all the way here in england. I just feel they need a good coach and well known coach to make a great success for pakistan. Plus if these players want to be successful they need to get the chance to play in premiership in england cause that way they will make a great team couple of def and strikers playing in premiership would be amazing and a good sign for pakistan

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