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Pakistan vs Bangladesh on the cards for 2014 WCQs

Pakistan has been drawn to face SAFF rivals Bangladesh in Round 1 of the Asian qualifiers for 2014 FIFA World Cup in the draw ceremony conducted at the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) headquarters at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Bangladesh will likely host the 1st leg on the allotted match-day of 29-30 June 2011 with Pakistan holding the return leg on 3-4 July 2011.

Also decided were the Round 2 qualifiers. The winner of Pakistan-Bangladesh match will face Lebanon in home-away tie with Lebanon hosting the 1st leg on 23 July 2011 and the other team hosting 2nd leg on 28 July 2011 for Round 2.

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PFF Media Cell adds:

Pakistan will open their mission in 20th World Football Cup campaign when they will take on Bangladesh in Asian qualifiers. The journey of Pakistan to represent Asia at the coming World Cup finals in Brazil will commence with two legged encounter on 29 June and 3 July 2011. It will be first meeting between two nations since 2009 when a goalless draw was recorded during 8th SAFF Championship on 6 December 2009 at Dhaka’s Bangabandhu National Stadium.

The World Cup will feature 32 teams. One place has been allocated to the hosts, Brazil. As in 2006 and 2010, no automatic place is given to the titlist (Spain). The remaining 31 places will be determined by a qualification process, in which entrants from among the other 207 teams from the six FIFA confederations will compete. In the past, most qualification has been determined within these confederations, with a limited number of inter-confederation play-offs occurring at the end of the process. The distribution by confederation for the next World Cup will be: Europe (13), Africa (5), Asia, South America (4 or 5), North, Central America & Caribbean (3 or 4), Host (1), Oceania (0 or 1).

Europe and Africa have a guaranteed number of places, whereas the number of qualifiers from other confederations is dependent on play-offs between the highest placed teams in the qualification tournaments not guaranteed a place in the finals. A draw will determine the pairings between the four teams involved (Asia’s fifth-placed team, CONCACAF’s fourth-place team, South America’s fifth-placed team and Oceania’s first-place team).

The World Cup qualification draws set up a number of intriguing ties in the first round that features two intriguing regional matchups with Pakistan squaring off against Bangladesh, with Lebanon awaiting the winners of the South Asian derby and Cambodia and Laos battling it for the right to meet China in the second round. While in the second round which pits Uzbekistan in a Central Asian derby against neighbours Kyrgyzstan while Malaysia could square off with archrivals Singapore if the reigning ASEAN champions can overcome first round opponents Chinese Taipei.

The 16 lowest ranked teams – based on their record at the qualification campaign for the last World Cup – were paired off to play home and away matches with the winners advancing to Round 2. The eight winners from Round 1 will join 22 higher ranked teams where the teams were paired off for home-and-away matches on 23,28 July. The 15 winners from the second round will join the top five direct entrants (Japan, Korea Republic, DPR Korea, Australia and Bahrain) in the third round where they will be divided into five groups of four teams each. The top two teams from each group will advance to the fourth round which will see the group winners and runners-up play in two groups of five. The top two teams from each group will advance to the World Cup finals, while the two third-placed teams will play each other to determine a possible 5th qualifier from Asia, but not before a play-off against other Confederation’s team.

20th World Cup 2014 – Asian Qualifiers

Round One (29 June, 3 July 2011)
Malaysia v Chinese Taipei
Pakistan v Bangladesh
Cambodia v Laos
Sri Lanka v Philippines
Afghanistan v Palestine
Vietnam v Macau
Nepal v Timor Leste
Mongolia v Myanmar

Round Two (23,28 July 2011)
Thailand v Afghanistan or Palestine
Lebanon v Bangladesh or Pakistan
China v Cambodia or Laos
Turkmenistan v Indonesia
Kuwait v Sri Lanka or Philippines
Oman v Mongolia or Myanmar
Saudi Arabia v Hong Kong
Iran v Maldives
Syria v Tajikistan
Qatar v Vietnam or Macau
Iraq v Yemen
Singapore v Malaysia or Chinese Taipei
Uzbekistan v Kyrgyzstan
UAE v India
Jordan v Nepal or Timor Leste.

Round Three (2 Sep 2011- 29 Feb 2012)
15 winners advancing from the Round Two plus Japan, Korea Republic, DPR Korea, Australia and Bahrain

Round Four (3 June 2012 – 18 June 2013)
Matches between top ten advancing from Round Three

Round five ( 6-10 September 2013)
AFC play-off

Round six (15 October-19 November 2013)
Inter-Continental play-off

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  1. Not bad. We can certainly beat Bangladesh, and Lebanon is the weakest Arab team. But we need a foreign coach, otherwise this lucky draw will be wasted.

    • inshalaah we can beat them but do we have a trainer what about this english guy is everything solved now or are we still playing games ???? our midfield looks okay but our defence and keeping must improve but most important considering when i saw thm play in november 2010 against thailand they get the chances in front of goal but are not agresive enouf to score, we need serious goal getters not people who stend in front of a empty goal and in stead of shooting the ball in the nets just slighty touching the ball meters wide !!! we need more training also tactickle in front of the goal and defensively tactiks also to stay with your man and instikt and more important to switch gears from defence to suddently atack mode then you wil become a realy deadly side inshalaah !!! but do we have a trainer yet or not? because if you dont have trainer you can forget everything.

    • We create chances in front of goal but we dont score we need a serious instickt GOAL GETTERS i have seen highlichts of pak vs malysia it is a big shame we can not score a goal in an empty net you can train corner kicks and free kicks, mainly we need 100 procent focus on atacking mode and must be able to switch gears to defence mode in a split second !!!!!!

      we need more agresion in speed !!!! by the way agresion does not mean kicking some one in his bals ore some thing :(. with agresion i mean when a wing player comes in spead from the flanks side the player atacker in middle must join hi in spead so that he can give him the speed pas from the side and also the midfield must be there for the rebound and if you loose the bal they must all be back and switch gears in a split second to defence mode and stay with your man dont loose him we need a serious trainer !!!!!!!!!!!! from europe and tel this trainer that he must work on the team on these matters
      iam from holland and Ajax- amsterdam have a lot of know how how to train youngster and make them the best in the world they have training scequals for younsters it is not a bad idea to contackt Ajax-Amsterdam for advice :)

  2. Why all the matches hosted at Malaysia. Even the Malaysia is not playing.

  3. if you read carefully..its a home and away pakistan will host the second leg!!

  4. We got easy draw by facing Bangladesh. Any how we have to play our best game and avoid repeating same mistakes again. Its advisable for for football team to play 2-4 friendlies before FIFA 2014 world cup qualifier. Hope so we qualify and face Lebanon.

  5. Not a bad draw, could’ve been worse. Lets wait and see what happens.

  6. All the people who think it’s an easy draw, think twice. Pakistan are ahead of Bangladesh in hockey or cricket but Bangladesh are much better at football than Pakistan. The popularity of football in Bangladesh exceeds Pakistan’s’; that may be a reason behind their strength over ours. Bangladesh enjoys one of the strongest club culture in South Asia and their players are more skilled than ours. We just don’t have players to beat them. The last tournament we played together, Pakistan U23 was humiliated by teams likes Afghanistan U23 while Bangladesh U23 romped to become champion by beating India U23 in semifinal and Afghanistan U23 in final (4-0!). Qualifiers won’t be U23 affair but the youth side’s strength is an indicator of the main squads’ relative strength.

    • We can beat Bangladesh.

      Had it not been for questionable refereeing (because of large crowd) and poor finishing we would have easily beat them in Dhaka in 2009 SAFF Cup rather than be held 0-0.

      I know football is popular there and that’s great but we can beat them with our full squad. No question about that.

  7. bangladesh are behind us in fifa rankings and lebanon is just 1 place ahead of us. we will hv to take full advantage of the two friendlies well play against palestine as its also a fast improving side. we need to start preparing from now and try a 4-3-3 formation. plz we hv problems in scoring and we should play a pressing game and commit bodies forward into the box. in defence we hv to man mark people. if pff wants to keep tariq lutfi as coach for a year fine by me but at least get him a foreign assitant coach to help him sort everything out and plz get a better physio and goalkeeping coach we desprately need to improve our coaching staff and if we keep preparing hard for the next 3 months we can make it into the group stage as we hv an easy passage into the group stage

  8. we need to bring back Essa to strengthen our attack, we need to use him same way as India is using Bhutia.

    What is the status of England based coach Rehan Mirza, can admin/TKC sponsor him for this trip as a head coach to these qualifiers and some friendlies before these, I don’t think he will cost us more, may be 1/4th the cost of Graham Roberts. He is more qualified and have a vision, which we are lacking in Pakistan team management.

    Admin/Shah should speak with Marketing dept of PFF regarding this and plan ahead.

  9. After seeing the draw I am very hopeful that we can reach the third round of qualifying. I don’t think that we could have an easier draw than this as we have avoided Malaysia, Thailand, China, Turkmenistan, Iran, UAE, Iran, Iraq, Syria and many other goods teams which are in the draw.

  10. Only if Fair selection on merit and
    coaches are not there to select their won players.

  11. I saw alot of weaknesses in the against Malaysia a better active goal keeper would be nice and the fact we need to concentrate on defence. The best defence is the best offence and the better our defence is the more the opponents will be irritated and make mistakes that is where our offence comes into play plus they need to have alot of ball possession. Anyways i hope they do well in the world cup qualifiers it would be a dream come true to c pakistan in world cup 2014 if they can make it a history will be made and i hope everyone travels to brazil to watch them. Lets not get ahead just wait and c

  12. is Rehan Mirza coaching Pakistan team? I am sure he will b better than this useless tarik lutfi….

  13. If u guys think that u can beat bangladesh then it is a big mistake.u should see us playing under our new croatian coach.

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