Saturday , 24 February 2018
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Pakistan Vs Palestine: Preview

By FPDC Editor, Gauhar Mahmood Azeem


The first home game for the Pakistan Football team in ages sees them play Palestine in a two game Friendly series. The games, taking place in Lahore (1st March) and Karachi (4th March), pin two closely ranked AFC teams against each other providing both some much needed international action.

After the devastating attack on the Sri Lankan team in Lahore two years back, this is the first time an international team in any major sport is touring Pakistan. The tour thus will also satisfy the action thirsty local population with some international sporting action.

Football, the second most popular game in Pakistan, is the game to do it and a huge credit goes to the Federation for making this possible. These two internationals will also greatly promote, rather highlight, football in Pakistan. Even in cricket mad Pakistan the response to these games is looking highly positive, a testament to the popularity of the beautiful game in Pakistan.

Ranked 178th in the world, the Palestine team will serve as a realistic challenge to us. The Palestine team comes to Lahore having lost their Olympic Qualifier against Thailand, 1-0. Moussa Bezaz coached Palestinians will be looking forward to get results out of the two games to get some confidence before they head off to Thailand hoping for a victory against the White Elephants.

Victory will be on agenda for our Green Shirts too, as it will get the Lufti boys rolling before the return leg of the Olympic qualifier against Malaysia. Expected crowds of 10,000 in Lahore and 25,000 in Karachi will surely roar their team forward. Jadeed Khan and the boys are relishing these home games to get some wins and to prove themselves.

The Pakistan squad for these games is the same which played against Malaysia barring Yousuf Butt, who has been released from camp on request. Muhammad Omer’s splendid performance in Kuala Lampur shows that he won’t let the Denmark based goalie’s absence be felt much. The games would also see Irfan Khan fighting for a starting birth having recovered from an infection that ruled him out of the 23rd Feb game.

Tariq, Nasir and Gauhar will have to sort out the attacking side of the National team though. The last month has seen the National Team play 5 games abroad and score just 1 goal. Whether it is playing a lone striker or playing Kaleem Ullah as that lone striker, or both, we cannot say but things need to be sorted out quickly. You don’t win a game without scoring a goal, do you?

As far as the organizational matters go the management of the PFF has done a great job, credit where it is due. Arranging the games in such a time, getting TV coverage for the games, getting TV, Radio, Media and Internet partners for the event is a job well done. Ensuring free entry into the grounds for the audience is the icing on the cake. All this will be all the more sweeter and worthwhile if the actual National team, under the auspicious guidance of Tariq Lutfi and the leadership of Jadeed Khan, can win these games and give their fans some long overdue joy.

If the games don’t go well, there is no room for excuses. A 6 week camp, 2 weeks in Thailand, games against top sides, full facilities and home crowd are ideal. We are not wrong in demanding some performance in return, a performance much better than we saw against Malaysia.

The games are on the 1st of March, at the Punjab Stadium, Lahore and the 4th of March at Peoples Stadium, Karachi. Both games kick off at 7 p.m. PST.

FootballPakistan.Com is the official Internet partner for the event. Keep on checking our website for complete coverage and features regarding the much awaited ties.

About Malik Riaz Hai Naveed

MRHN means Malik Riaz Hai Naveed. He is the founder, webmaster and Chief-Editor of FootballPakistan.Com and came up with the idea to start a pakistani football related website back in 2001. From that time on he and his team changed pakistani football and spread the word worldwide. A side from football he is a german liberal politician.


  1. Yeah it is great.. i am feeling the heat right now.. go Pakistan go and win all the 3 games

  2. it is unfair that Pakistan fielding U-21 against Palestine team. I afraid Palestine officials will protest it. Pakistan should include some senior players like, Aziz, Naved Ikram, Mehmood Ali etc.

    Will PTV telecaste matches or not?

  3. could anyone tell me please what time is the kick off ?

  4. I think PFF should start arranging ticket for atleast international matches and we fans should buy tickets and watch matches

    Yes we have a right to critisize on bad performance but its also federation’s right to earn some money through ticketing, as it happens in other countries

  5. I want to see Saddam start as striker ahead of Kaleemullah

  6. Well, I agree that there is no point to charge for the tickets. Maybe once the Pakistan team get’s better, and starts to win some matches, may the PFF consider charging for tickets. They need to gain some media exposure before there is an increased interest in Pakistan playing. Once they start to win some matches, the public will not mind paying fees to enter the stadium. But considering this is the first time a major sporting event is being held in Pakistan in two years, I believe that entry in to the stadium free of charge is good to gain some publicity.

    Hopefully Pakistan wins, and maybe some new heart and passion in the team can bring luck to our side in the upcoming games.

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