Monday , 19 February 2018
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Lahore’s Model Town United make maiden appearance

Lahore, 11 Feb : Newly-formed Model Town United Football Club (MTUFC) will make debut in Lahore Soccer circle when they will appear in All Punjab Raiders Inviational Cup, slated to commence at Faisal Town on Sunday, 20 February 2011. Former international and AFC Qualified coach Khaled Khan will act as coach of the team sponsored by Elba International.

The new club of Lahore is sister team of Model Town Football Academy and got right of play, having already affiliated with Punjab FA.“ The boys are increasing in MTFA day by day and in order to accommodate them into the taste and excitement of All Punjab and other local events, it was necessary to form another club from MTFA podium. The surplus players of MTFA will now get active movement in football circuit,” said MTFA’s President Mian Rizwan Ali who added that newly-introduced team is comprised of U19 players and will also act as a feeder team for MTFA.

Meanwhile, Model Town United FC’s President Mian Irfan Ali and Genral Secretary Toqeer Akram have finalised the 18-player squad for Faisal Town event viz David Ashraf, Hamza Mazhar, Abdullah Abbas, Hunnan Afzaal, Muhammad Zekria,Tahwer Malik, Abuzar Khalid, Talha Niazi, Raveed Ali, Sabahit Ali, Asad Ullah Khan, Naqash Safdar, Rawel Masood, Umar Saeed, Haris Ahmed, Haroon Bokhari, Sunny Naeem and Rizwan Mushtaq.

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  1. So another team in MTFA/MTFC family eh?

  2. good edition. shabash rizwan bhai

  3. I remember that Elba Water had a team, but I remember hearing that they had disbanded. Now it seems that they are sponsoring MTFC instead. Good move.

  4. the name Model United was chose by Fame. How Rizwan did it. ???

  5. Awesome logo

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