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PFF announced Players for National Camp

By Malik Riaz Hai Naveed, Webmaster & Chief Editor

The PFF today announced the domestic players for the national camp in order to prepare for the Olympic Qualifiers against Malaysia(Home & Away Matches).

The Camp will take place at Lahore from 15th January 2010 and the selected team will have a 2 week long training camp in Thailand.  All the selected players are requested to report in the camp on 14th January 2011. Besides the domestic players, the PFF also invited players from Europe. Not all are confirmed yet but those which fulfil the age restrictions are:

Yousuf Butt, BIRKERØD IF SKJOLD, Denmark

Naiman Khan, ADPI Rivas, Spain

Irfan Khan, Bradford Park Avenue, England

Waleed Nadeem, Queens Park FC, Scotland

Atif Afzal, Queens Park FC, Scotland (Last Club)
The domestic players invited are:


1.      Saddam Hussain

2.      Ali Ahsan

3.      Bilal Rafique

4.      Haji Mohammad

5.      Husnain Abbas

6.      Zeshan Ali

7.      Abdul Jabbar

8.      Imran


1.      Asim Mansoor


1.      M. Omer

2.      M. Riaz


1.      Amir Khan

2.      Muddasar Waseem

3.      Nizam Ud Din

4.      M. Mujahid


1.      M. Asif Bux


1.      Ubaid

2.      Naveed


1.         Saeed

2.         Fahad Ullah Khan


1.         Zakir Lashari


1.         M. Qais


1.         M. Idrees


1.      Muzammil Hussain

2.      Jadeed Khan

3.      Mohammad Touseef

4.      Manzoor Ahmed

5.      Haider Ali

6.      Zain Ullah

7.      Syed Arif Hussain

8.      Usman Manzoor


1.      Amir Luqman

2.      Mehmood Khan Jr

3.      Mohammad Adil

4.      Kalim Ullah

5.      Zia Us Salam

6.      M. Rizwan Asif


1.      Ahsanullah

2.      Ghazanfar Abbas

3.      Rashid Ali

4.      Saad Ullah

Baloch Club Noshki

1.      Sana Ullah

Faisalabad Youth Center

1.      Tanveer Mumtaiz

2.      Abdul Razzaq


1.      Alamgir Khan


1.      Faisal Iqbal

About Malik Riaz Hai Naveed

MRHN means Malik Riaz Hai Naveed. He is the founder, webmaster and Chief-Editor of FootballPakistan.Com and came up with the idea to start a pakistani football related website back in 2001. From that time on he and his team changed pakistani football and spread the word worldwide. A side from football he is a german liberal politician.


  1. Why aren’t Muhammad Bin Yunus and Yasir Afridi there!?

    • Yasir Afridi’s year of birth is 1988, hence ineligible. Not sure the reason why Muhammad bin Yunus isnt considered.

      So it looks like Jadeed Khan Pathan has joined WAPDA? Or is this some other Jadeed Khan?

      • jadeed khan pathan played in wapda inter unit with the condition that he will play for chaman in premeir league.
        he is in grade 11 in wapda

    • Yeah, Bin Yunus should certainly be in the team. And so should Abdul Rehman and Umer Farooq from KESC. And Aurangzeb from HBL. Not sure why some of the better players from the Asian Games were dropped. And why the hell haven’t any players from Army been called up for the past year or two?

      I think Jadeed Khan plays PPL for Afghan Club, but other tournaments for WAPDA. He played National Games for WAPDA. But isn’t he too old?

      Good to see KESC’s keeper and Muhammad Riaz in the team. The selection from PIA, KRL, and PAF is good. Also, the inclusion of Zakir Lashari and Asif Bux is good. But I would have preferred that they keep all the U23 players from the Asian Games and just add a few more from the PPL to complete the squad.

  2. gauhar mahmood azeem

    good to see idrees there from wohaib, why isnt goal keeper BASIT from WAPDA selected. this being an outrage is an understatement! i guess yasir is overage

  3. They couldnt keep all the players from U23 side because that was from 1987 Year of Birth and this event is from 1989. Thats why some of those players miss out but seems like the core of the players remain which is a good sign. Just surprised to see Amir Gul miss out but then again Bilal is a good choice and lets see which of the foreign GK’s make it.

    • gauhar mahmood azeem

      we needed another local keeper in camp. its not like we didnt tell siddique shiekh that the french boy is young and yousuf might not come!

      • Muhammad Omer of KESC is in the camp. He has great physique for a goalkeeper, and Suprah said that he was good for Karachi in the GEO SFL last year.

      • i have seen naiman khans profile and he is 19 yrs old so that is not s oyoung plus he is 6’1″ which is great too nothing wrong with that

  4. Yeah 2 domestic keepers are fine for now after all thats what you need to take with you.

    Basit from WAPDA wasnt first choice therefore lacks the experience but Bilal is experienced and should be able to do the job.

    • gauhar mahmood azeem

      well he has played karachi round for wapda plus he is young. has played a FULL season for PEL and when you talk about u-21, ability should be more important than experience! specially when you have 6 week camps for heavens sake.

      also what was the selection criteria? players recommended by coaches? players recommended by selectors? hyped up players? players with the best skill set for a position?

    • i think basit has more match temperament then bilal. maybe..>(D

  5. yousaf butt is a good choice…

  6. Guys, its just a personel view!!!

    I think the Pakistan National side should be made up of all overseas players & definietely they play alot more better than our local boys.
    A complete side with overseas players when camp together, get to know each other, get to know each other’s game & understands each other; i am sure they will do wonders when they get into the ground.

    The reason behind all this is that when this team does something never expected or never seen before, people will be pulled to their TV screens, grounds, newspapers to hear about this Pakistani team.
    People will get interested, it will boost the game in the country. PFF will get huge sponsors especially when they organise international matches in Pakistan; as nowadays there is nothing international going on in pakistan.

    So basically, for boosting football in pakistan this might take a more shorter span compared to how slow we are travelling now.

    So, wat do u guyz rekon…. i know its not gonna happen now but may be after this !!!

    • i agree apart from the part that it should be entirely of overseas players…there are quite a few talented players in pak and a strong combination can be formed. Rest is commonsense invest in the team and in the management of the team by briging experienced coach and make 18 crore fans

    • I strongly negate that. There should be least foreign players in the team as possible.

      • Agreed. No more than 4 or 5 of the best foreign players should be in the team.

        • yeah all 4 or 5 who are coming for trials:-p
          just kidding if they are good they too should make it its not as if we have ronaldos over here

          • Well, guys… i know what you mean. the team should consist local players to produce more local players from within Pakistan in future.
            but, my idea was in order to boost the sport & create a craze about football inside pakistan we should create such a team that will do the impossible. Then only people will know the potential of this game & 100s of young fresh talent will pour in the clubs to have a future in Football.

            Well, having a complete team of over-seas players is just a temporay thing, just for the time being … just to lure the pakistanis into it.

  7. Muhammad Anjum Sabeeh

    why Bilal Butt is not invited. He is playing for Walton & Hersham fc

  8. Yousuf Butt will be very good for PK for sure !!

    21 years old , played senior first team football since age of 17 !! Is 6.2 foot.

    HE HAS TO PLAY for us to have a chance !!!

    I would even set him as Captain with his talent !

  9. the name of the coach starts with the letter T i guess and assistant coach S . may be,
    but wtf not a single player of pakistan army
    is faisal saleh hayat lost faith in ISI ?
    how they helped him?
    or is the army going to topple hihm?
    they have been either runnersup or champions on all premier league events so how come this fu********* list got out?
    more heads to go down soon? inshallah

  10. i am waiting for the india vs pakistan tie and then perhaps the govt might move in as faisal is not giong to budge.
    this is another feather in the cap of incompetent secretary general. for not selecting a single army player.
    just like last year in bangladesh ahmed yaar came in the dressing room with the ambassodor and george kottan did not get the time to tell the players what to do in the half time.!@
    if i had been there in place of saleh as head of pff then i would have =banned ahmed yaar for the rest of his life.
    but he is the right hand of faisal saleh hayat.
    mr. saleh plz correct ur book keeping records caz you never know?………
    this is no joke guys how the hell no army player got selected?????????????????????????????????????????
    naveed hai who told you about this is?
    i know this is true list but!
    so it proves all pff officials are incompetent?
    mr. pervaiz mir is the honest one but his hands have been tied.
    so Allah save pff from govt intervention or not?

  11. the most important thing is?
    siddique sheikh pff director technical, one important administrator of academy , akbar wahidi and perhaps jehangir badar might be planning a coup against faisal saleh but as long as he has support of mr. Butt of lahore he might be saved but faisal saleh should open his eyes that conspiracy is taking place right under his nose.
    i will keep my fingers crossed but i will keep on ADvicing mr. B utt for a very long time inshallah.

  12. how come zeesh has been missed when he is playing veryu close in malaysia or thailand??????????

  13. i am really really pissed off……………………………
    i think its time to visit islamabad…………………………..

  14. Some good points and facts shared by Faisal Amir in his usual bullish style..hats off yaar. on a side note just be careful with language and accusations please.

    No army player..maybe they dont have too many youngsters after all its army and they like many other departments dont have youth set up..sometime certain players just get into to the qasim, imran niazi and others who akhtar always picked didnt get in under george because they didnt fit in with his vision or strategy. Most of these boys have been in previous camp and played in youth teams for pakistan so shows their progression.

    if the coach starts with T then im not surprised why so many from his department..this was also evident when NBP sponsored NFCC and their coach was assistant. This nonsense has to stop…

    • Well, Army players haven’t been called up for the National Team for quite a while now. Its been couple of years, I think. Most likely it is because of the condition in the country. I think Army is not allowing its players to play for the National Team so that they are available for their units at a moment’s notice instead of sitting in some hotel overseas.

      I doubt that the number of players from PIA is due to Tariq Lutfi being named the coach. After all, the players have been selected prior to selection of the coach, which is plain stupidity from PFF. They should name the coach and let him select the players he thinks he can succeed with, regardless of how biased his selection may be. Then, if he fails, he gets the sack and hopefully learns not to be biased again.

    • army is a regular in national u-19 and have won it the most times so new question of youth system, infact they have the best youth system in the country where they prepare their own (O|W?N) players . where as the others just use ready made stuff.
      shah jjee
      the these are facts and not accusations.
      100% true

  15. The thing I wonder about is why do we have a list of selected players if we dont even have a coach yet? Tell me a country in which the administration selects a pool of players for the coach? The coach has to choose from players he even would have not selected before…

  16. Based on the birth dates listed on the U23 profile page, it seems that the following players from the Asian Games team could have been selected but the PFF has not called them up: Aurangzeb Baloch, Abbas Ali, Umer Farooq, and Amir Gul. These were some of the better performers in the Asian Games, so I don’t understand the PFF’s rationale for dropping them. Especially Abbas should be included and given the captaincy.

  17. and btw players were asked to report today so he should be here now

  18. Foreign players cant be in a camp for 4 weeks if they play prof. football. ;)

  19. They will come for minimum 1 Week.

  20. Waiting to see in Action M. Rizwan, M. toseef, Zakir laskari, Faisal , Jadeed khan, M. Riaz, Bilal, Irfan khan, Zain Ullah Rashid, Saddam, and Abbas in action.
    In my opinion they all deserve to be in final 11. Either due to politcs and few due to their ability :)
    Just wait and see out of these 11 how many will be selected :D

  21. 70%deserve to be there :) and 30 are due to politics..
    Well time will tell you :D Cant tell like this :)

  22. A lot of good midfielders

  23. Come to play in India…u will be thrashed black and blue.

    We will invite u for next Nehru cup!

    • sorry to say that is a stupid comment.we only lack a good coach.on talent we are far better than your players and you will see that in challenge cup qualifiers.

  24. i have seen indian team and with the financial backing that your team has our team would have become asian champion.

  25. according to faisal after 2005 series the aiff is reluctant to invite pakistan

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