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PFF plans Thai trip ahead of Olympic qualifier

By Alam Zeb Safi [The News]

KARACHI: In a bid to make better preparations for the Olympic qualifiers, the Pakistan football team will tour Thailand in the first week of February, a top official of the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) said on Wednesday.

“We have an invitation from Thailand and we are planning a tour there in February before leaving for Kuala Lumpur to face Malaysia in the away leg of the first round of the Olympic Qualifiers on February23,” the PFF secretary Col Ahmed Yar Khan Lodhi told ‘The News’.

“During the two-week tour, Pakistan will play four matches including one against Thailand national team and three against the local clubs,” Lodhi revealed.

The return leg of the Olympic Qualifiers between Pakistan and Malaysia will be held at either Lahore or Karachi on March 9.

Meanwhile, another senior official of the PFF confided to ‘The News’ on condition of anonymity that the camp for the qualifiers will kick off at the Punjab Stadium in Lahore most probably in the second week of January.

“We plan to give a week-long rest to the players at the end of the Pakistan Premier Premier League and then probably the camp will start in the second week of January,” the official said.

Players born on January 1, 1989 and after will be eligible to play in the qualifiers. Three over-age players could also be included in the squad as per rules.

The authorities have completed the paper work for the camp and mostly those players will be called, who were the part of the national team in the China Asian Games or were included in the camp probables for the continental event.

“All of the squad that took part in the Asian Games was under-age except captain Jaffar Khan, defenders Samar Ishaq and England-based Atif Bashir. We had planned to prepare such a young lot who could also be used in the senior team which will feature in the AFC Challenge Cup penciled in for March 20-31,” the official said.

There is almost no chance of the inclusion of the discarded players like Abdul Aziz (National Bank), Mohammad Rasool (KESC), Shakir Lashari (PIA) and Farooq Shah who according to the officials have been tested.

“These players are tested and were even consistently ignored by foreign coaches,” the official said.

But there is chance that striker Asim Faiz from SSGC will be called up to the camp because of his splendid performance in the Premier League. Asim has so far scored 16 goals with two hat-tricks in the prime domestic event which will conclude on December 30.

Pakistan, who are currently depending on their experienced goalie Jaffar Khan, are also seeking his replacement.

“No doubt Jaffar was a great keeper but he has spent his prime time. But currently we don’t have any replacement for him and if we find Yaqoob Butt from Denmark to be a better goalie, he could replace Jaffar,” the official revealed.

Meanwhile, the PFF is committed to continue with Akhtar Mohiuddin as the head coach for the Olympic Qualifiers and AFC Challenge Cup. “We will prefer the experienced coaches and I think Akhtar is one of them. Pakistan’s performance in the Asian Games was much better than expected and I think we should continue with Akhtar,” the official said.

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  1. Gauhar Mahmood Azeem

    do you still doubt that jaffar can match yaqoob? for heavens sake play a better experienced player than a goalie who can do no good!

    i would rather play yaqoob and zesh/adnan than jaffar and ahsanullah! i hope you get my point!

  2. Just how many comedians PFF actually hires??!!!

    First thing’s first! The Olympic Qualifers ONLY allow players that will be 23 or younger in 2012 Olympics! FIFA and IOC have always kept these rules for a long time. This PDF file from FIFA page about rules for 2012 Olympic football qualifiers etc confirms it:

    No over-age players allowed in Olympic Qualifiers! One would expect PFF to know about these rules before hand! How come we “kids” are the ones telling them this information as always??!!

    Sticking with Akhtar? What does that mean the outstandingly led PFF has run out of money to hire Graham??

    Akhtar Mohiuddin has ALWAYS been a disaster for Pakistan team. The man is so out-dated and tactically incompetent in player selection that he has been responsible for Pakistan’s heaviest defeats over the last 4 years! And yet his stubbornness and trying to out-smart everyone around him never seems to go away in playing players out of position, and making lives difficult for anyone who plays for him!

    If PFF actually want a domestic coach, they should give the job to WAPDA’s Khalid Butt! The man has a proven track record in domestic football, something which Akhtar sahb does not even come close to!

    If Akhtar remains in charge, expect to be knocked out much quicker than expected in both Olympic and Challenge Cup qualifiers!

    • Maybe Roberts will work with the Challenge Cup squad while Akhtar works with the Olympic team? Although, in my opinion they shouldn’t be two separate teams. Also, Hassan Baloch, Khalid Butt, or Tariq Lutfi would be better options than Akhtar Sahib.

  3. Why the hell is Akhtar still the coach !!!!!!!!!!!

  4. HAHAHAHA lol !!!!!

    Once again PFF dos not even know there players !!! Yaqoob Butt is centerback and is Yousuf Butt (GOALKEEPER) big brother !!
    Inshallah Yousuf will come even though PFF really Fuc… him up last time. !!

  5. isnt olympic qualifiers u-21 and then by two years times when they are held in england they will be u-23?

  6. gauhar, naveed hey abdul sidd did you guys see pakistan 11 lose to woking fc 5-0 on you tube?
    this is total disgrace . adnan was in that team.
    you guys always recommend foreign players who are piece of shits . they should be banned for life.\
    how dare they use pakistan’s name without federation permission?

    • That team prepared only three days and they were playing against a professional club which had been training for a few weeks, So a 5-0 loss is expected. What you should look at is how the foreign players are doing for their club teams and how they have done for Pakistan. Atif Bashir, Shabir Khan, and Amjad Iqbal are key players for their clubs. They have also done very well for the Pakistan National Team. Especially Adnan and Atif have done very well for the National Team, and they are very important part of the National Team. I do not like to include a lot of foreign players in the NT, but at least Adnan, Atif, Amjad, Shabir, and one or two more should be included.

    • Gauhar Mahmood Azeem

      It is hard for a team to perform after it has just trained for a day!

      and why do we call ourselves pakistani footballers when we dont have permission from the PFF? they used the name TSS Pakistan XI. Just like i am ALLOWED to enter a team in any contest by the name Warid Pakistan XI if i have permission from WARID not the PFF!!!

      and ATIF, ADNAN have done really well and so will the other BETTER footballers, why dont we ban AhsanUllah and Samar Ishaq for making 6 mistakes against Thailand, the way you talk they were SHIT in that game and should be banned too?

    • Faisal sahib are you being sarcastic with that comment or is this anger towards the foreign boys? Please clarify!

      CORRECTION: most of the team only met each other for the first time barely TWO days before the game against Woking FC because the official announcements and arrangements was done very late!

      The boys played the game without any practice matches before while Woking FC had been in their pre-season games for almost a month by then! Losing was expected!

      To say that these boys were “pieces of shit” probably means the whole Pakistan team (especially Samar Ishaq, Jaffar Khan, Ahsan Ullah and Kaleemullah) deserve even worse given how they got hammered 6-0 by a Thailand side that couldnt even score past Maldives a few days later!

      All thanks to the ‘Khuda ka noor, ba-shaoor’ people leading PFF with their favourite persistently non-achieving coach Akhtar sahib!

      Sheeshay k gharoun mein basnay walay doosroun k gharoun par pathar nahin maartay Faisal sahib!

      • i agree with gauhar but these players are professional . is woking in champinship or tird division or even lower be honest. i will investigate too. zeeshan rehman is the on ly player with physical presence. why was he sacked?

        • These boys have been part of professional academies and competitive non-league teams for since their childhood!

          Woking is at Conference South level…and that level is highly competitive and more tough than dhakka-start Pakistan Premier League! Our local players would have trouble playing for these teams. European lower league football is a lot more organised than our football!

          Zesh Rehman declined to take part in Pak XI friendly vs Woking because of his own pre-season with Bradford City

          Our ‘premier league’ standard is not even good to be compared to teams in Northern Premier League (Level 8 in England!) and that includes WAPDA etc. That is the level and higher where many of our boys abroad play in!

      • i am not faisal saleh !
        i have 24 years of football experience and have been victimised more then 22 times in national camps.when someone l;oses its the whole team that loses. not atif or samar. these guys need 300 hours of lectures minimum on tactical preparedness, defensive and offensive strategies.
        there is not a single teachnocrat working in pff at a middle or high level management position. and believe me if join FIA or NAB then they will pay for their corruption soon.

  7. Pretty typical response from Faisal Amir…pathetic argument. Pkn team trains for 6 weeks and gets beaten 6-0 where as this team had 2 training sessions together and gave Woking a run for their money with fair share of misfortune. a goal disallowed, penalty which was never one and a sikh ref on top.

    Lets play the Pakistan National team against these and if Foreigners win then they get he right to represent Pakistan..if they lose and get outplayed then they wont play for Pakistan? What have PFF achieved in 62years that this Pak team’s defeat means so big. Yes we are Pakistanis and we have the right to use the name..nobody can take that from us. Much better than those living in the country while taking the country down the pan. Atleast we pick players on merit and no because somebody’s relative or son or whatnot.

    You were one of the last people i expected this to hear from..thought you actually knew football.

    • Gauhar Mahmood Azeem

      and above all nobody is advocating for ALL of the players to play in the games, just the best few :)

    • As for ur record wohaib fc came 5th in asia in 1992 asian club championship a feat unmatched. i love ur comments. i have left pff 1 and half years ago. i did a technical evaluation free of cost for them.
      let me tell you the proper way for foreigners to play in national team . this is my way of thinking whether you like it or not. it was me who told atif and another player what their weaknesses are. i am the only coach in aid 27 who’s performance was judged by mr. kottan. coming to topic. THE proper way is not the shortcut but playing for national team, the scouts in asia observe you and recommend you to j league or saudi league etc. ARE there no pakistanis living in brazil and argenrtina? by 2014 our premier league is going to be the best in central and south asia whether faisal saleh is the president or not!
      ask these players to come and atleast play a season for any club or department. just one season.
      YES the time will come when INSHALLAH all our players will be foreign based and they will be in 100s too. this is a nation of 16 + ccrore and it has lots of potential.
      if by chance faisal saleh wins the elections by hook or crook then govt intervention will certainly take place. if q league joins ppp then we will wait till next elections but govt intervention will take place to remove him. it can only be stopped if he appoints teachnocrats in pff totally.
      i have recently given presentations to a 4 star general and few other high profile, one of them recieved the chinese premier. i have also studied fifa afc pff constitutions in detail. pff constitution is totally copied from fifa but it has somedraw backs which i will discuss only when congress meeting is over and faisal saleh wont be able to rectify it before elections.
      as for the foreign coach we need him but he will ask for 4-5 friendlies each month we need 35 crore plus to keep him for 2 years. so it all comes down to funds and honesty. that zeesh can be given return business class tickets and 1200-2000 pounds per match for playing for pakistan. we need astro turfs for foreign paksitani players too succeed too. there is too much to do and very little time.
      mr. jehangir badr is also in race for pff president and giving mr. hafiz salman butt headaches too.
      i dont have problem with faisal saleh but i want him to terminate col lodhi or else he will go too INSHALLAH.

      • Faisal Amir…PPL football standard is a JOKE! Pure dhakka-start sarkari mehekma football!

        I am pretty sure the Bangladesh Professional League has a BETTER standard than PPL! Lol, Nepal’s league and Bhutan’s still does not even exist! But their Nepal Police and that team from Bhutan team made fools out of Army and Wapda in previous AFC President’s Cup seasons!

        You are sounding like Tariq Lufti who said that players from abroad should PROVE themselves to our substandard coaching, sifarshi A/B Licence holders, and dhakka-start sarkari mahekma football tempo with a lousy daily allowance to become eligible for Pakistan despite spending much of their lives in the professional academies of England and Europe! Is this the local arrogance and ignorance which is the real cause of football still being laughed at in Pakistan by rest of world??

        As Shahnawaz said, look at what Philippines has achieved! That country does not even have a professional league or even a dedicated football stadium where basketball and boxing are most popular sports and did not even take part in last 2 world cup qualifiers!

        Yet all they did was appoint a semi-pro coach from England and got some youngsters of Filipino parentage to form a core of their side who play college soccer or are from youth academies! Now they are in the semi-finals of ASEAN Cup after beating Vietnam in front of a packed crowd in Vietnam’s capital Hanoi!!


        All because they formed a mix of local and a solid core of foreign-based players for their team (something we should also do and have done very poorly in past!) and had a coach with enough knowledge to avoid local-substandard

        “As for ur record wohaib fc came 5th in asia in 1992 asian club championship a feat unmatched.”

        Upon a detailed investigation, I found this:

        Played 2 games in group stage. 10-1 loss to Al-Wasl, 1-1 draw with eventual winners Pas. Finished bottom of group and 5th out of 7 teams in group stage. Not bad at all!

        • i followed the link .
          wohaib won in bahrain and bangladesh to qualify,
          that data is missing?
          tariq lutfi or akhtar its the same but we need foreigner with total selection powers.
          this IS NOT the solution.
          start from top.
          nip the evil in the bud

          • Well Faisal bhai now you have a task! Get the details of the matches Wohaib FC played for qualification and send an email with the data to to update ;)

  8. plz dnt call boys from PEL.. Esp. that kid from PEL and Center back .. IF you dnt agree with me then watch those 5 goals again and u will see who was faulty.. and in each match he has done his stupidity ..
    Well no doubt our team was good but call new boys ..
    rest of the team was ok..
    @ keeper i will like to see Amer Gul
    Call fraz ahmad if he is still u23
    and Irfan khan and Khurram Shahzad from Uk..
    Call Rehan munir from LGS( i think now in LSE)
    you should Call gepco striker Usman for camp.
    Plz aviod chaman player. a kid can tell u they are too stupid in technique..
    and In defense call some good player .. from china asian games ..and midd field will be question mark for the Akhtar .. bcz he doesnot know much ..

    • ashgar anjum has given pel appliances to pervaiz mir and col lodhi then how can we stop pel?
      stop pele stop brazil 1962
      stop appliances stop pel stop corruption delete non footballers 2010

    • rehan munir?
      are you serious?
      another shortcut?
      people who live in ac and glass houses they never work hard and is rehan a team player?

  9. Nobody is advocating for any foreign players..fact is lot of them more better technically, physically and their quality is quite visible when they play for Pakistan. Its upto PFF and the coaches to pick them because better team will win them games, Philippines is a massive example who having foreign players in their team are in semi finals of ASEAN Cup having been thrashed all their lives. So if foreign coach picks them thats because he wants to win and prove his worth and if domestic coach like Akhtar doesnt thats because he has to please the members of Balochistan FA, the players from Balochistan mainly and the PFF officials who he bows down to.

    You saw yourself in Asian Games that we conceeded 2 goals in 2 games when Atif played in defence and when he didnt we conceeded to Thailand who drew their next 2 games and didnt even make semi finals of ASEAN Cup.. in SAFF 2009 we conceeded 1 goal in 3 games due to penalty Jaffar conceeded, 2008 SAFF we got hammered by every team again under Akhtar as he picked Zahid Hamid and no Amjad and played Atif on the wing..look back at 2005 SAFF and Pakistan conceeded 1 goal in 4 games and made semi finals. that 1 goal was penalty too. Do you see a pattern building here or is it too much for you?

    Foreign coach, better selection and improved performance, domestic coach, shambles of selection, preps and everything and we get humiliated.

  10. sharida was the best since last 20 years all he wanted was manager of his choice and col lodhi was responsible for his departure. i think he will join pakistan soon. has 6 months left with his contract with bahrain.

    • We cannot wait 6 months! By that time we will knocked out of Challenge Cup qualifiers thanks to Akhtar sahib, out of Olympic qualifiers, and poorly prepared for World Cup qualifiers!

      • we will get only two matches for world cup . we need six months and minimum 15 friendlies before the world cup

  11. we should have choosen 22 or 21 year old players but i dont think we will qualify for 2013 Olympics.
    However foreign players atleast 2 and maximum 4 should be included in National team as in addition to above discussed advantages, it will also have psychological effect.
    However, the need of time is to send our lads to foreign leagues for training funded by PFF or on loan. Bilal who scored 7 goals in U-14 cup and helped Pakuistan finish 2nd, will be the best option to start with.
    i will once again say that players are manufactured in clubs, so to lift our NT or the league, we need high rated coaches and foreign players too (it will produce competition and will reduce the inferiority complex that most of players feel while standing against other languagers)

  12. a trip against Thais can be crazy step as players will play afraid and we will not get the required benefits

  13. @faisal: i think after watching rehan munir. u were the one who said that.
    if i can train these guys then they will be super class..? if its ur comment then i wan lauff on u .. Once a coach is saying that i want to train a star player and today he is saying that he doesnot worth to play :p

    be realistic Faisal Ammir
    and for ur kind information .. a one living in a.c and one from a lower middle class. at the end of day Talent counts .. so dnt be biased :P

  14. We should just keep in mind that current Malaysian senior team who have made it into the final of ASEAN Cup contains a lot of players who will play against us so we need to be fully prepared.

    Faisal Amir and others talked about many things, long term and money and this and that but you gotta get short term right in order to get to the long term. So you have to play the best 11 out of 23 you take and in that 23 you could have 6 or 8 from abroad..but if those 8 are good enough to start then they should its about the best available team.

    So stop the cynicism and look beyond politics and nepotism and the rest. 1 minute you are all PFF and the next you are throwing tantrums…

    This is the Philippines squad and take a look at it.

    You said we need more than 10 games before world cup qlfrs..we will end up with that many should we get foreign coach and take a trip to thailand and jordan and include the 3 challenge cup games and 2 olympic qlfrs and then play some before the world cup qlfrs….its not rocket science but some of those cowboys within the set-ups are the real problem.

  15. I love football game but I don’t know to much about football but i believe that Pakistani Football team can achieve more and more. Pakistani team should have foreign coach. I request to PM please given funds to PFF because football is very famous sport in the world and our team made good team in the world.

    Good talent in Layari and Baluch football is very talented please guide and support football I request to sports minister and PFF President to please help of football in Pakistan. I also request to GEO super to support & highlight Pakistani football team

    Pakistani football team ranking is 173 is very lowest rank in the world but our Footballer are very talalent. Plz help football in Pakistan.

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