Friday , 23 February 2018
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The PFF are close to hiring former English footballer Graham Roberts as a consultant while negotiations are also proceeding with Salman Sharida to coach the Pakistan national team.

PFF to hire consultant and foreign coach

By Alam Zeb Safi [The News]

KARACHI: Pakistan plans to hire the services of former English footballer Graham Roberts as consultant, a top official of the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) said on Saturday.

“We have invited Graham Roberts through a sponsor and he is expected to come to Pakistan in the next few days,” the official said.

He said that Roberts is a license B coach and it would be better if the PFF is able to get his services free of cost.

“We will put him on probation for two months and if he is able to turn out to be productive then we will keep him for an extended period,” the official said.

“Through his presence our AID-27 coaches will also learn a lot and if he proves his worth then we could also think about his future status,” the official added.

Meanwhile, ‘The News’ also learnt that former Pakistan coach Salman Ahmad Sharida of Bahrain has contacted the PFF and has shown his interest in coaching Pakistan team.

The PFF is ready to offer him a package of $6000 but it is not in a position to hire his services through his government which he had desired so in the past in order to get a healthier package.

After he had shown an interest, the PFF is planning to manage a visa for him and it is expected that he will soon land in Pakistan to discuss the matter about his contract with the top officials of the federation.

The PFF is very much interested in Sharida as he had impressed the authorities during his first stint as a coach when Pakistan had extended good performance in the last Asian Games held in Doha, Qatar, in December 2006. Sharida had quit his job after that assignment without completing his two-year contract with the PFF due to personal reasons.

Currently, Sharida, also a former Bahrain national team player, is coaching Al-Muharraq club, one of the top-ranked clubs of Bahrain. But it is certain that Sharida, if signs a contract, will start his work after the Asian Games in China, as Akhtar Mohiuddin has already been given the responsibility to serve as head coach of the Pakistan team during the continental assignment.

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  1. Roberts joined his local club, Southampton, as an associate schoolboy in October 1973, but failed to make the grade and was released, joining Portsmouth in March 1977, before being signed by Tottenham Hotspur in May 1980.[1]

    Roberts was a member of the successful Tottenham Hotspur side of the early 1980s, winning two FA Cups and a UEFA Cup in 1984, scoring in the second leg of the final against Anderlecht, and then scoring his penalty as Spurs won the final on a shootout. He moved to Rangers in 1986 for £450,000 and won the Scottish Premier League in his first full season and the Scottish League Cup a year later. He joined Chelsea in August 1988 for £475,000 and helped the side emphatically win the Second Division championship in 1988–89. He later moved to West Bromwich Albion, where he played out the remainder of his professional career.

    In June 2005, Roberts was appointed manager of Clyde. He only had 3 players under contract, and held open trials in an attempt to get new players. Roberts gave the supporters their greatest day in years, when his Clyde side defeated Celtic in the Scottish Cup in January 2006. Earlier in the season, Clyde took Rangers to extra time at Ibrox Stadium in the Scottish League Cup. In August 2006 he was sacked as manager of Clyde over allegations he made racist remarks, which were later proved to be unfounded.[2]

    Roberts won six caps for England.[3]

    Roberts has recently paired with Daily Record senior sports writer Colin Duncan to write an autobiography, Hard As Nails, telling the full story of his sensational career as one of football’s legendary hard men.copied from wikipedia

  2. Graham Roberts was also present at the Pakistan International XI friendly game against Woking FC. He was a guest coach for the Pak XI side. ;)

  3. Aaslam-o-Alaikum
    thats nice……..!!!!!!!!
    And if Roberts join Pakistan Team as Head Coach it will be great for Pakistan Team….

    But on the other hand Salman Sharida is also very good choice……
    As everyone knows how he respond in Asian Games Doha 2006..
    We can necver forget Naveed Akram Goals in Asian Games Doha 2006
    A very great strike from right defender…
    Must watch plz

  4. PFF should do this after asian games becuase this will disappoint current coaches and put extra pressure on them.

  5. Foriegn Coach should be hired only after Asian Games. Making changes at this stage will further worsen our problem. After Asian Games Salman Sharida should be hired. He understands our team better than others. ALso during his reign Pakistan team showed improved performance. It is better to give foriegn coach 3-4 years so then they can come up with improved show. By appointing them for a year or two never helps our cause.

  6. What are they expecting him to do in 2 months? they should give him a year atleast

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